Virtual Reality Corporate Offices

Welcome to the future of the Virtual Reality Offices where Corporate or Board meetings, Conferences, Tutorials and Presentations are now possible without expensive business trips. With our VR Corporate Bundle, the need for time-consuming, prohibitive travel (flight, accommodations, vehicle rental, meals and other expenses) for each employee for each business trip can be completely eliminated by setting up a Virtual Reality office at each headquarters for your company regardless of location. If you have a Global presence and are looking for a more cost-effective solution to gather your Team regardless of location, we have customisable Virtual Reality Bundles to suit your requirements.

Our Virtual Reality Corporate Offices Experts provide the following:

  • Consultation to assess your Virtual Reality Office requirements Globally or otherwise (Conference Call to determine Logistics)
  • Virtual Office set up at each desired location/headquarters (Hardware and Software configuration)
  • Full tutorial with your IT Department (for both Hardware and Software)
  • Trouble-shooting (Conference Call with your IT Department, as necessary)
  • Contact us today to discuss your Virtual Reality Corporate Office requirements.

    Virtual Reality Corporate Offices have endless possibilities: